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Timeless Spring

April 4, 2012

by Stephen Damon

Today, National Walk day,  Americans are supposed to walk for at least half an hour, so a little before dawn, my wife and I took our dog up to the park in the hills above our house in the San Francisco Sunset neighborhood.  It wasn’t yet first light, but it was spring so there were lots of bird songs in the air.  As we got to the top of the highest hill, I noticed first light coming over the city below us. Instead of marking the passing time, the first light seemed to be appearing as another manifestation of the present moment, which seemed to include everything.  I heard Dogen whispering in my ear,  Each moment is all being, each moment is the entire world.   

As the light grew stronger and the bird songs grew louder, I remembered a few lines from Dogen’s  Eihei Koraku:

The five-petaled flower opens in the timeless spring.  The single circle of the moon is white in the dawn sky. 

The oppressive quality of time manifested as the diminished daylight of winter was now gone.  It was just a couple of weeks past the equinox and I could feel the subtle balance between darkness and light, which I think mirrors the careful balance between the relative and absolute that we must make in our lives. 



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